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Peace through Folk

- is an informal ‘Not for Profit’ trust established in 1997

Our motto is ‘Whatever you do do, don’t do nowt!’

Our aims are -
Through all forms of music and performing arts to celebrate and promote Peace, Friendship, Reconciliation, and the preservation of a kinder, sustainable Planet Earth for all by working together and recognising that we have more in common than that which divides us.

Peace through Folk - Key Objectives for 2023 onwards

  1. From 2023 onward having regard to the unpredictable impact of Covid resistance, the severe worldwide financial crisis, and the impact of military actions, to operate within a positive financial framework, without the encumbrances of financial risk, debt, or dependency on external funding sources.

  2. Fixed fees should be avoided in favour of zero-based profit share event budgets where possible.

  3. To raise funds and maximise primary and secondary income streams to further the Aims of Peace through Folk.

  4. To develop events, concerts, gatherings, and performances complementary to the above aims.

  5. Organise regular ‘More in Common Music’ sessions.

  6. Organise and promote, during 2023, larger events to be spaced at least 3 months apart and where possible to include the Leek Peace Choir as a support act.

  7. To encourage the development and performance of musical traditions and all other forms of creative arts pursuant to the above aims.

  8. To support like-minded, artists, associated organisations, individuals, events, and festivals.

  9. To evolve, plan and deliver other related projects.

  10. To maintain resources to support activists, artists, and organisations to deliver the above Aims.

  11. To mark The United Nations International Peace Day around 21st September each year.

  12. To encourage young event organisers to increasingly lead the delivery of these Aims and Objectives.

  13. To support The Jo Cox Foundation, other ‘More in Common’ organisations, Moorland Climate Action, World Land Trust, Regenerative Farming, The Centre for Alternative Technology, and the Leek Peace Choir whenever possible. Also, to support organisations who work in Progressive Alliance towards the common good.

Jo Cox- More in Common’ set of three songs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Cqa-HT2i6o